Research into the current feelings towards google glass as an indicator of how our product could be received

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Most of us have heard of the term “glassholes”, and if not, you’d be guessing that it might not be too complimentary.


As the present moves into the future google have been piloting their wearable computer glasses.

Launched in 2012, they remain in the beta phase, with early adopter evangelists trying them out.

A number of these, non google staff, but keen tech fans, have been blogging about their experiences.


Robert Scoble is one of these early adopters. His article is really useful for our research into developing our ideas for this task, because he is speaking from the point of view of someone who was keen to try out the product, but can see why other people are weary of what he may or may not be recording when he is talking with them.

He was also critical of the fact that Larry Page, CEO of google was not wearing them, which did not seem like a glowing endorsement of the product, if the belief is that they will eventually become ubiquitous.


It is great that there is a large amount of research out there, because it helps us as a team to discuss, debate and develop our ideas about how and why a product might be used in the near to further future. We will continue to research and develop our product, for ideas beyond the current state of slightly awkward looking and uncomfortable to wear glasses.

We believe it is possible to have something much less obtrusive, less glitchy, and with a wider range of functionality. At the same time it is going to be necessary to develop the product to allay people’s privacy concerns about how it is used, and where the data might end up.

It’s an exciting area, but one that has to be moved into cautiously, and with as many possible, positive and negative scenarios thought through.




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