Don’t be a glasshole, our bigger future dilema

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Google realise why there could be a problem with this product. However at the same time, as we have more and more means of tracking and recording where we are in the future, this could well be symptomatic of a wider problem.

Some writers have suggested that perhaps in the future, only the very rich and elite will be able to move freely in society without our actions being traced and tracked. Existing telecoms suppliers have already built the functionality into their operating systems to make it possible for mobile phone companies to know every single website we have visited, text we have written, email we have sent and received, etc etc, we kinda know this already, we just sort of chose to ignore it.

It’s highly unlikely the type of data capture happening on google glass won’t soon become ubiquitous on a range of wearable devices, some of which may well not look as attention grabbing or jarring as google glass. So the bigger challenge is going to be how we, as a society, users, and consumers deal with these developments.

As is often the case the technology runs ahead of society having a clear idea of how to deal with it. It’s inevitable there will be google glass pornography and probably even snuff videos too. The big challenge is to try and map out what we want to be acceptable, and how on earth we are going to manage this.





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