Alternatives to Google Glass (and watch what happens in extreme sports first)

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At this stage we have a good idea what google glass(es)[?] look like. Not all users are wild about the look.

However a number of other designers also feel there might be other, possibly better ways to develop these ideas of wearable computing services.

These are just a few images of the numerous number of alternatives developed.–1207929!CWnTQ


It looks like, in some shape or form, eye level computing will continue to progress, despite current issues around social etiquette, public attitudes, and uncertainty about if a killer app and use has been found for them yet.

Over the next 3 to 5 years it is likely that their use will increase in niche areas. Sailors, triathletes, cyclists, marathon runners, mountain rescue service workers, and other long distance athletes for example may be good markets to target, particularly as they are often early technical adopters, with the disposable income to invest in ‘gadgets’.

Reviewing these alternatives helps enable GlassIS to develop their own vision of where the future can take us in terms of quick, easy, fun wearable solutions. To help teachers be able to focus more of their time and energy on teaching and less on administrative duties.  It could be a smart strategy to monitor what in niche and extreme sports, because these users will test the devices to the extreme and also be quick to blog and tweet their thoughts on what works and what sucks.


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