Why Wired Magazine, UK & US rocks : a great resource for uxd research

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Wired Magazine continues to be a great resource in future trend spotting.

I saw my first copy at the Trinity Science Gallery, in Dublin, three years ago.  As I looked at the magazine, a subscription form fell out and I was hooked. I’d like to say I bought a copy there and then, but I wouldn’t want to go to the lie detector on that one. Knowing magazines in Ireland have a massive mark up, I promptly sent the subscription form to a trusted contact in the UK (ok, ok, yes it was my mother!).

Since then I have been inspired, educated and entertained by  Wired. The kids, 11 now, and younger, also take great pleasure at alternating between the Beano and Wired, looking at pictures of robots, spaceships, nano creations and everything else visual in the magazines.

Then, only a few months ago, we went past the pile of free books in Baldoyle library, (they do giveaways). To my double take amazement, someone had donated about 60 Wired’s, running from 2013 back to around 2005. The kids were ecstatic, them honest, not me, about this.

Can we take them, can we take them?

Sure. I thought there might be some overlap with what we already have. I figured bring them home, and then bring back what we already had. They weighed a ton too, and it was pretty tricky to get them and the two year old back out to the car.

Getting home and matching  comparing to what we had, I realised we had the same month, but different covers. Weird? It then, sloooowly, dawned on me,  we had acquired a bunch of the Wired US magazines.

This was a great haul. Occasionally the odd article pops up in both,  mostly the content is unique to each version. Some of the ads for the US version are almost shocking, as you would never see them in the UK version. For example for cigarettes or Viagra!  US articles also go on for longer, but apart from that they are both very readable.

The website


is also a great resource because new and unique content also pops up there as well. So you can follow it, without it spoiling your read of the magazine when it winds it’s way here on it’s bimonthly appearance. There is also a Wired Video section too, but that’s something I haven’t had time to look at yet.

So I just wanted to give the Wired trinity a big shout, and say thanks because it has really helped in developing the ideas for this site.


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