I don’t want to seem strange, but I still want to try them. 8 Reasons to try Google Glasses

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We’ve followed the blogs of ambivalent users.


We know that you can be pretty creepy in them.



But ……….

much like fish may not need bicycles, they may still be getting them anyway, and so, here goes

8 Reasons it might be useful to try them out

1. Gotta nasty feeling it’s coming either way.

All this critics out there, with their daily smart phone use, are basically already using less than optimal wearable computing already.

2. Get in there, get informed, say how it could be done better.

We all know examples of poor design that we have had to live with for decades, because no one pointed out to the designer at the time how they could have made it better first time around.

3. If you can see how it can be done better, maybe you will make something better

We are continually standing on the shoulders …, it’s very hard now to make something completely new, but it’s very easy to improve on what’s come before. Take it, break it, make it (better).

4. There are moments when it would be easier to just snap that moment as it’s happening

Looking for the camera, taking off the lens cap, even holding out the camera phone, all create barriers to capturing the optimal image you are currently seeing. It’s a challenge to capture spontaneity, this could remove one more barrier.

5. You will think of visual moving moments when it could be fun to try it out – eg extreme sports

You maybe saw the cool footage of the bmx kids cycling down the hill through narrow village streets, well it could be interesting to snag some of your own cycle, ski, roller blade down hill too. Wing suits as well.

6. It could be great for those IKEA flatpack constructions?

Get the instructions, download them onto the glasses, have it there in front of you

7. What’s that plant in the green house, is it a weed?

If you could say, google glass images, take photo, do a google images search, identify leaf …, and make sure you’re weeding the right ones

8. Stream 2014 World Cup matches while in DSA lectures and IP meetings!

Just try not to cheer or groan, as England make their predictable early exit from the World Cup.







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