Product Information

Why would someone use GlassIS?

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# To make their life easier



# To help give them a more hands free experience


What would they be able to do with?

# To record attendance, test results, good behaviour, bad behaviour, to record artwork, drama, poetry, great sporting moments


Can it produce reports?

# Yes, there will be a series of pre-set verbal commands, take photo, make report, upload data to local server. It will also be possible for the user to create their own particular commands as well, to respond to their own particular needs.


What is the battery power?

# Initially one day, to come with 2 batteries, one for use, one for charging. Though ideally with kinetic motion energy capture we hope to make the battery last much longer, a week, and then ideally to the point where the body movement of the wearer is enough to keep it permanently charged.


Is it just for class room teachers?

# No we intend it to be used for a much wider range of possible teachers and instructors, including for sports, music, dance, and pretty much anything else where you need to interact with and observe your students to help them learn and improve a skill.


Where can I buy one, and how much will it cost?

# Watch this space