Sand?  huh?  What can you do with sand?
Build a castle: check
Bury some treasure: check


You could heat it up, treat it and turn it into GLASS.
You could also heat it up, treat it and make silicon out of it.

So what, you say? Well, put those two things together
with some revolutionary technology and some custom
software and you get:


GlassIS represents the next step in the evolution of a daily activity assistanceand productivity application. The school application is a digital tool with a custom accessory extension to capture developing children carrying out tasks and accomplishing daily, movement, motion, reasoning and sharing events (physical, emotional and social) and the learning outcomes associated along with fun quizzes and mini-tests that display specific developmental criteria at certain stages in a child’s life. Then cataloging these achievements in the students own digital files in a database system.

GlassIS is a leap ahead in the implementation and capability of that accessory application that marries this extended function into a physical and convenient device (already available) for further advancements
and use in daily life.


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