Meet the Team


Simon Cocking

Project Manager

Entrepreneur, several companies,

Artist, Eco, Dublin Bikes.






David Akinsanya

Project manager

Entrepreneur, Game changer,

Smart Electronic Security Installer,

Web and Cloud Technology graduate(DBS),

BA Law(AIT), Student ready to learn/work.



Eddie Wilson

Digital Marketing

Experience in content writing

and degree in English and History.

Taught English as a foreign language

in South Korea for 2 years.

I enjoy traveling and hiking.


Niall Norton.

Digital Marketing.


Photo of Mark

Mark Furlong

Design Team

Background in Design,

Photography and fine art printing.


Photo of Jonathan


Design Team

Hardware Systems Engineering & Integration

Front End Development and Content Creation.



Siobhán Ní Ghallchoir

Design Team

Architecture – Design – Funding applications

Ink drawings and picnics, whatever the weather.


David Scanlon

App Developer

Degree in Industrial Design, worked doing CAD/CNC

for a model maker, then as design technician

for a couple of small sign firms.

Hoping to make web/app developer a solid career.


Brian Cowzer.

App Developer

Education Officer with Dublin based NGO Value Added in Africa.

Degrees in International Politics from DCU & University of Warwick.

Also worked in the motor trade for many years.








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