Name: Scarlett O’Brien
Gender: F
Age: 24
Occupation: Independent Blogger
Interests: Lacrosse, attending blogger functions, 3D gaming
Product Use: Scarlett is a fashion blogger and uses GlassIs
to upload street style pictures and real time blogs.


Name: John Fitzgerald
Occupation: Construction Worker
Interests: Football, Reading and Cycling
Product Use: John is a construction worker he uses the GlassIs
to make notes about the foundation work and structural integrity
of buildings. This helps to expand a knowledge base.


Name: Paul Rochester
Gender: M
Age: 40
Occupation: Mystery Shopper
Interests: Mind interface chess, bowling, soccer.
Interests: Reading, cycling, socialising.
Product Use: Paul uses GlassIs for his work.
He can critique staff and shopper experience in real time with
pictures and notes uploaded to his company’s main interface.



Name: Claudius Morison
Gender: M
Age: 22
Occupation: Professional Parkour athlete.
Interests: Extreme sports, playing video games, smoking weed.
Product Use: Clausius uses GlassIs for his parkour activities.
He uploads videos of his runs to for fans to view
and to analyse personally later.


Name: Ping Lee
Gender: F
Age: 35
Occupation: Soccer coach
Interests: Soccer, watching sports, online dating
Product Use: Ping uses the product to record the progress
of her students and as a visual aid to help them understand
where they need to improve. She runs an exclusive training
camp and participants pay a premium for the analysis
Ping sends on with GlassIs.


Name: Ronaldo Murphy
Gender: M
Age: 29
Occupation: Estate Agent
Interests: Fishing,table tennis, hiking.
Product Use: Ronaldo uses GlassIs in both his recreational
and work life. He finds it of great use when bird watching.
GlassIs enables him to take pictures of the birds and upload
memos on the species with moving a muscle and scaring
the subject away. He also uses it for work.


Name: Shirley Potter
Gender: F
Age: 50
Occupation: Food critic
Interests: Cultured activities
Product Use: Cruella uses GlassIs to upload controversial
restaurant reviews. Her extremely popular blog is called
“ Through the looking GlassIs” and wields the power
to make or break an establishment overnight.



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