Product Definition


Because it’s always more than just a picture.


GlassIS hardware is in the form of a pair of lightweight, understated and subtle spectacles that have all of the intrinsic firmware, software and device affordances required to successfully accomplish its capability functions.

These include:

  • Graphene Frame fused to the latest available consumer iteration of palladium-based metallic glass.
  • Service accessible IC, optics and communications package.
  • IEEE Wifi 80211 and BT SIG (Special Interest Group) future compliant.
  • Carl Zeiss optics with RED/EG&G ccd co-optics processor.
  • €/$ TBC on release.

The product has neurotransmission receivers (brainwave reader) designed and built around micro-fMRI technology. These sense and process electromagnetic waves signals from the neurological center and feed them into the GlassIs interface hardware before desired objectives and work cases to be processed and progressed are tasked and carried out.

The auditory feedback to the user is provided through the intrinsic “vibracore” stems which are integral to the device arms which extend beyond the back of the ear (pinna/auricle) to transmit calci-lock phase propagation audio wave methods (tuned to the users own physiology on initial setup).

GlassIS is the new mobile way to capture and organise your life from one day to the next. It is the center of your activities, your family, your social life and how you go about your day-to-day business and in getting those meddlesome to-do lists ticked off.

It is also the device that allows you to communicate in all of the current digital forms through one simple and convenient device that fits in your pocket. Oh and did we mention it’s hands-free?

Forget your smartphone, GlassIS is voice and eye-gesture controlled and will leave your hands free to accomplish other activities while also completing other daily tasks and activities.


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