The modern School-Teacher

During an activity session in a primary school classroom, teacher has to keep a record of the children’s activities. They need to both get a visual record of the child and also a means to add relevant observations and categories associated with the child’s progress in the activities. There is already a data management system in the school with data on each child that the teacher needs access to. The teacher is facing a lot of time lost accessing different IT devices creating a more stressful work life.

Team Coach

A coach or teacher in charge of children’s sports would want a visual record to back up observations on their ability, also being able to categorize these observations to help speed up the record keeping and analysis.

Detailed on-the-spot reporting

On the spot reporting could be greatly enhanced with instant pictures at events with instant feedback and research in response. For example if a restaurant food critic wishes to visually share what he is about to eat himself rather than search for pictures of the dish afterwards. He also wishes to offer quick instinctive observations about the food not only grabbing instant attention but also records of visuals and thoughts to create a great article later on.

The Couch Potato Dream

Imagine sending a tweet, while watching and controlling your TV, while also ordering your weekly shop, without using your hands or even moving from your comfy chair.

For Family Moments

Imagine capturing a special moment in your family life, and posting it to your family blog, while also continuing to clear out the attic for the new arrival. No more sitting down at your computer or getting your tablet and logging on.

Crisis Management

Imagine Live research: No problem to GlassIs !
You’re in a crisis management meeting due to a client difficulty and you need solutions fast. Live research, updating and integration into your crisis report from news, twitter and other community feeds is seamless with connectivity for today’s communications standards and tomorrow’s.

In-Home Physio

Or even imagine that your partner has had to have physio for a sports injury and you’re able to capture, in the comfort of your own home and on your own time, the motion and range of movement required against a clearly defined database by measuring specific points (ie wrist, elbow & shoulder articulation) for the next stage of physio to progress. Then being able to send this GlassIs measured activity directly to your partners Physiotherapists own GlassIs device for them to review and approve progression to the next phase of therapy. No more delays or waiting for the next appointment.

Just For Fun

You’ve just found the funniest video on a website and like to show and share it with the people you are with-just go into “pro” (jection) mode and find a flat surface for the projector functionality to show off its capabilities.




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