Task Cases

1. Coach performing a physical examination and uploading notes both audibly and mentally about patients.


User Intention: Visually captures a persons ability to accomplish a physical task and record any feelings along with medical assessment

Step User Activity System Responsibility
Activate GlassIS Activates GlassIS after wearing Clearly indicate GlassIS operational
Ensure options for video recording are ready Make sure video recording is available at ease Display icon for video activation
Activate relevant menu and create description of upcoming task Activate the menu for adding information regarding task to be undertaken Display then activate menu where data about upcoming task can be selected
Start video recording of injury assessment Points lens at subjects injury and records as they go through the motions Clearly display subject and warn if going out of focus while offering improvement options
Record subjects feelings and descriptions and add tags to match Activate voice recorder and ask subject to iterate how the injury feels while selecting relevant tags that may appear Indicate clearly that voice recording is in progress while displaying custom tags that match clearly.
Save subjects own views then bring up option to add own thoughts Save subjects opinions and wait to be offered chance to add own opinions via thought Illustrate that subjects views have been clearly saved then display menu for recording the users thoughts.
Add additional thought activated descriptions and medical criteria Use thoughts to generate medical prognosis headings and other valid descriptions. Display medical criteria that best matches the users thoughts.
Save and create final medical report Save and create final medical report with thought induced editing for a thoughtful assessment. Display ‘save’ , display ‘create report’, let user see summary, explore sections further and remove.


2.Food critic uses GlassIs to upload her critique adding both images and mentally written content in real time to her blog.


User Intention: To both visually and mentally critique her meal experience in real time to her blog.

Step User Activity System Responsibility
Activate GlassIS Activates GlassIS after wearing(ignoring the tut-tut of the Maitre D) Clearly indicate GlassIS operational
Select option for uploads Select to ensure regular uploads direct to blog site occur whenever required To display settings and allow options for uploading to occcur after each step.
Record intitial feelings about restaurant User may select phrases that match feelings or voice record opinions on restaurant Display thought activated phrases and /or indicate voice recording active.
Select video option with snapshot Selects option for video and snapshot on food arrival Display option for recording video and taking snapshots
Record video of dish or take stills. Takes picture or video using eye movement and utilize any picture helpers Display any typical camera helper options and clarify if picture has been taken
Add thought activated criteria from menu Waits for criteria options to appear and use thought to add ones best matching dish. Display icon that allows criteria menu to appear and clearly display desired criteria
If desired add additional voice comments After adding criteria user decides whether to use a voice comment option. Display voice comment icon asking is user wishes to comply or conclude.
Finish session awaiting confirmation that all uploads( to requested blog ) successful Finish session awaiting confirmation that all uploads( to requested blog ) successful Allow option to finish session and clarify to user that uploads to requested site were successful.


3. Auctioneer relaying product information and bids to customers.


User Intention: Relay real-time “item of interest” description, condition, auction status, current bid, mood of bidders and “live item sentiment” to off-site bidder.

Step User Activity System Responsibility
Activate GlassIS Activates GlassIS after wearing Clearly indicate GlassIS operational
Activate feature for receiving live client instruction Ensure device feature for receiving live voice instruction from client is operational Indicate that voice communication with client is activated on screen
Select Video Camera option Selects option for taking video Display option for video clearly
Select subject for visual recording Points lens at subject zooming when needs be. Display area seen by lens clearly and show zoom limits
Take any snapshots for client records while in video Be able to take snapshots for client records when instructed Display icon for taking snapshots clearly while recording is in process
Relay bids to the client by both recording the auctioneer and sending graphic of the bid amounts Record the auctioneer when intense bidding occurs and/or send graphic of bid amounts to client Show icon to indicate sound recording in progress and display figures when prompted by user
Await client instructons that are displayed on screen as well as heard Await client instructions, displayed on screen as well as heard, please note glassIS cannot raise users arm for them. Allow instructions to be clearly heard with tone of instruction altering text appearance and display.
On completion of day send summary report of data to client When finished give client a summary to show them what they missed out on, did’nt miss out on and the general feeling of the auction Offer the user a chance to look back on the days auction and compile a summary report for the client.

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